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Ventilator Fan

Characteristic of SPACE's Hand Lay-up FRP Ventilator Base

• 1 side smooth surface
• Strong and durable
• Resistant to acid and Chemical
• Rust Free
• Light weight

Key Raw Materials in the Manufacturing Process

• Resin - Orthophthalic type Polyester Resin for Hand Lay-up and continuous process. Clear moderate viscous liquid resin designed particularly suitable for hand lay-up laminates and continuous process.
• Chopped Strand Mat – Excellent fiber distribution , smooth finished surface of finished product , good tensile with flexibility .
• Gel Coat – Mixed with UV protection ingredient for coating outside surface.

FRP Ventilator Base Specifications

Technical Data : Ventilator’s Base Resin
Vianova Resins : Viapal
Technical Data Sheet : Gelcoat 9094 S

UP-resin based on isophthalic acid / neopentyiglycol thixotropic for good surface hardness and high impact resistance.


• An isophthalic / neopentyiglycol type, thizotropic and light stabilized unsaturated polyester resin.
• Good surface hardness with a great degree of toughness.
• High impact and abrasion strength properties.
• Distinguishes in excellent styrene durability at simultaneous high heat resistance. Therefore it is used especially for the manufacture of glassfibre reinforced moulds.
• Good resistance against uv-light and weather resistance.
• Can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun by dilution with 20-30% of styrene.